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  • 24-Apr-2014 4:43 PM | Anonymous

    I was working with a client last week to understand and quantify their purchase requirement for an industrial property and God willing get a commission. This requirement is really tough in our market, a building with a little extra land for equipment and vehicle storage.

    Now before Rick Perry and a posy of Texas brokers come saddling up to me and my client and start telling me about the joys of relocating to Texas and the mind-numbing amount of open land. Their business is servicing locations in the So Cal area and are not moving to Texas… Now Git!!!

    On this project I’m working with a client to help them make an educated plan on what size property they need now and in 5 years. This will give them the best chance that, when they do purchase it is a good business decision for them and the purchase won’t be an albatross around their necks. I mean who the hell wants to have a bird with an 11’ wingspan hanging from their neck. I mean even if it was dipped in gold I don’t think even Mr. T would want that. But I digress.

    This exercise made me think about how CRE Agents approach their clients.

    The Good

    A good broker... Read More

  • 30-Jan-2014 2:05 PM | Anonymous
    One of the most common mistakes a business owner, manager or investor makes when considering a move is underestimating the time required to find and complete a transaction on a suitable property. This creates a situation where there is a high probability of either settling for a property you normally wouldn’t even consider for your evil mother-in-law or negotiating an over market price that you will not be sharing with your friends; as you one up each other with your shrewd acts of business acumen. To that end let’s look at the 4 steps typically involved in the lease or purchase of a property. This will help you ballpark the lead time on which you should be making your plans....   Read More
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